Why Play the Trumpet?

A. The trumpet can produce a sound so beautiful as to surpass the limits of human
imagination. (You may not be creating said sound after your first lesson, but have faith.)

B. Playing the trumpet will teach you more about yourself than you ever wanted to know.
The trumpet is brutally honest.

C. You’ll learn why the tortoise always beats the hare. Nothing will teach you the
importance of consistent, daily dedication and persistence like trying to master the trumpet.

D. Your friends will admire your awesomeness. How many of your friends know how to
make music by kissing an expensive piece of plumbing?

E. Playing the trumpet can make you part of a great team. Whether you want to be part of
concert band, the symphony orchestra, the jazz combo, or the ska band in your garage, the trumpet can take you there.

F. You’ll learn to love fantastic music. Studying the trumpet will open your ears in a way
you cannot yet conceive, young jedi. You’ll experience the exhilaration that only a live concert can give. And you’ll take it to a new level when you create great music yourself and with your friends after hours and days and months of careful practice.

G.  Playing the trumpet will help you face and conquer your deepest fears. Creating music,
and more especially sharing it, requires vulnerability. Music demands that you open your soul to yourself and your audience. And you’ll be astounded at the beauty that the trumpet will help you find there.

If you still aren’t sure if you want to try the trumpet, contact us for a free trial lesson and find out if the trumpet is for you!