Studio Policies

Please understand and abide by the following expectations:


  • Arrive on time for lessons. Out of respect for other students, please avoid arriving more than 5 minutes early or staying more than 5 minutes after your lesson time.
  • Give at least 24-hours notice if you must miss a lesson.
  • Practice daily and fulfill given assignments.
  • Be respectful.
  • Obtain the required equipment.
  • Come prepared with your instrument, binder, music, and pencil.
  • If you decide to discontinue lessons, provide 1 month’s notice.


  • Make tuition payments on time. Tuition may be paid by personal check or through your bank/credit union’s online bill pay. Payment may be made for the full year, or in monthly payments. A late fee of $15 will be assessed for monthly payments not made by the 7th of the month.
  • Attend your child’s lesson or provide a sibling or friend who can be present during the lesson. This assures compliance with the 3-person safety rule.
  • Pick up/drop off your student at lessons on time. Out of respect for other students, please avoid arriving more than 5 minutes early or staying more than 5 minutes after your child’s lesson time.
  • Support your child in his or her musical pursuits and practice efforts.
  • Communicate clearly with the teacher and address any concerns promptly. Remember to check your email from the studio!
  • Provide current contact information (email, phone) so that we can communicate!
  • Provide at least 24-hours notice if you must cancel a lesson.
  • Should you choose to discontinue lessons, provide 1 month’s notice by submitting the withdrawal form. Any additional tuition that has been paid beyond the final month will be refunded.


  • Will provide educational and well-prepared instruction.
  • Will assist the student in attaining his/her goals.
  • Will maintain a positive, respectful and encouraging environment.
  • Will order music for the student and bill it to the parent’s account.
  • Will provide a lesson binder.
  • Will inspire a love and understanding of music!
  • Will provide at least 24-hours notice if a lesson must be cancelled.
  • Will reschedule lessons cancelled by the teacher.
  • Will communicate clearly with student and parent via email, as well as phone/text if desired.
  • Will address any concerns with student and parent.

The 3-Person Safety Rule

It is our policy that there always be at least 3 people in attendance at a lesson. This includes the teacher, the student, and one other person. The parent is responsible to either stay for the lesson or provide a substitute such as a sibling or friend. We realize that parents may see this as an inconvenience. This policy is not designed to annoy you! Rather, we want you to have peace of mind as well as protect ourselves from the liability of false accusations.

Payment Policies

Tuition rates are as follows:

During the school year (September-May):

Tuition is $80 per month for weekly, 30-minute lessons.

Tuition is $120 per month for weekly, 45-minute lessons.

Lessons will generally be held on days that school is in session. I will provide a calendar of scheduled lessons at the beginning of the year. A recital and two masterclasses will also be scheduled as part of the curriculum.

Summer Lessons (June-August):

30 minute lessons: $60 per month (or $180 for the summer)

45-minute lessons: $90 per month (or $270 for the summer)

A total of 9 lessons will be scheduled over the course of the summer, to accommodate family vacations and camps.

Scheduling and Cancellation Policies

When you register, you reserve a weekly time for your lesson. Please regard this time much as you would a college class. I utilize childcare and have other jobs, and I am not available to re-schedule lessons outside of teaching hours if you don’t show up for your lesson.

If you must miss a lesson, kindly provide at least 24-hours notice. If 24-hours advance notice is given, you will be issued a lesson credit. This does not guarantee you a make-up lesson. You may use the lesson credit to reschedule your lesson when a time becomes available due to another student’s cancellation, or on designated make-up days. Exceptions may be considered in the event of sudden illness or emergency situations.

In the event that the teacher must cancel, a make-up lesson will always be scheduled. I will also provide 24-hours notice to you aside from unexpected illness/emergency situations.

Masterclasses and Recitals

In addition to weekly lessons, two masterclasses and one studio recital will be scheduled each year. Because these events involve everyone in the studio, I cannot tailor the date to match everyone’s schedule. You will need to indicate whether or not you will be in attendance at these events. Make-up credits are not issued for these events.

Music and Materials

I will provide each student with a binder to bring to all lessons. If it is lost or destroyed, it will cost you $5 to replace it.

When music (sheet music or books) is needed for your student, a representative at Day Murray Music (136 E Main Street, Lehi UT) will order the materials on our behalf, and you can pick your materials up there as soon as they arrive. This is part of their Studio Connect program and provides you a 10% discount.


If you choose to participate in the studio recital (highly recommended!) or to compete in your school’s solo and ensemble festival, you will need to find an accompanist. This is someone who can play the piano part to your solo. Please plan to compensate your accompanist in some way. The arrangements you make are between you and your accompanist, but please don’t assume they want to work for you for free! In addition to the recital, you will need your accompanist to attend a lesson prior to the recital. And before you bring your accompanist to your lesson, please have rehearsed with him or her at least once!