Our Philosophy

Our first priority is to help you become a musician. This means that as a trumpet
student in our studio, you won’t just learn to play high notes and impressive riffs on the horn
(although you can certainly do that too). Being a musician means being able to hear and
understand music, or in other words, having trained ears and a mind for music theory. Being able to hear and understand pitch relationships, rhythm, and harmony are vital to successful trumpet playing. These skills will also allow you to take pleasure in a vast variety of music, independent of playing the trumpet. We expect all of our students to learn the foundation elements of music.

Part of studying trumpet in our studio is listening to great music, and especially great trumpet
artists. How hard would it be to paint a picture of a mountain if you had never seen one? Could you master another language if you had never heard someone speak it? It is
absurd to think that you can learn to play the trumpet without listening to trumpet music! (And besides, if you don’t like listening to the trumpet, why would you want to play one?) That is why we direct our students to recordings and live performances by the masters of the trumpet, and expect listening to be part of practice for any serious student of the trumpet. 

Regarding trumpet techinque, we are pragmatists at heart. Our goal is to help you produce your ideal sound by whatever means works best for you. We have utilized many schools of pedagogy in our studies, including Clarke, Stamp, Hickman, Arban, Caruso, Cicowitz, etc. However, we do not follow any particular method religiously. Rather, we use whatever tools produce the best results for the individual student.

We view practice as a means to an end. We use routines, methods, etudes, and exercises to help you acquire the skills needed to play literature. We want you to be able to play music that you will love and that will challenge you, stretch your abilities, and increase your confidence.

We know that playing the trumpet requires consistent work and dedication. We also know that the rewards can be profound. That is why we want to help you experience the joy of playing the trumpet, both solo and in collaboration with others. We’re here to provide the tools you need to succeed and to help motivate you in your musical journey, whether your goal is to play professionally or find greater enjoyment in your band class.

Contact us to arrange a free trial lesson! We are located in Lehi, Utah.

Email: clementstrumpet@gmail.com.