To participate in our trumpet studio, each student must have the following:

  • A suitable Bb trumpet or cornet. The teacher reserves the right to determine whether an instrument is suitable. Poor-quality horns made in China/India/Malaysia etc are not acceptable. Student or intermediate model horns are fine for beginning students.  Students who have serious musical goals should plan to purchase a professional model trumpet made by Yamaha, Bach, or Shires by the time they reach high school. Consult us before buying a horn if you are in doubt! Renting a trumpet from a local music store is a great option for beginners.
  • A music stand.
  • A metronome or metronome app loud enough to hear while playing your trumpet.
  • A tuner or tuner app.
  • A pencil.
  • Quality mutes: We don’t require you to purchase a full set of mutes up front. You may purchase them as needed. As a member of your school’s band program, you will soon find that you need them for band as well as for solo literature. Please plan mutes into your budget (they make great Christmas gifts!). You will at least need a straight mute and a cup mute. If you participate in jazz groups you will also need a bubble (harmon) mute and a plunger (the kind you use to unclog sinks, but without the stick).
  • Cleaning/maintenance items: You will need valve oil (I recommend Hetman’s), slide grease, a cleaning snake, and a cleaning cloth to take care of your horn.

We will provide each student with a lesson binder. If it is lost or destroyed, the cost to replace it will be $5.

You need to bring the following to every lesson:

  • Your instrument.
  • Your binder
  • Your music
  • Your pencil
  • Any mutes you are using in your music.